SC-501 Mic Preamp

The FiveFish Audio SC-501 Mic Preamp is a single-channel Mic Preamplifier, designed for the popular API VPR 500 Rack format. The SC-501 is the next generation design of our SC-1mk500** Mic Preamp.

New Video:  Thanks to Martin Larose for sending these videos! Awesome guitar playing, and of course awesome sounding too!

Hi, I'm sending you 2 vids done with a pair of SC-1 mk II 500. Enjoy. - Martin Larose,


  • Designed for API 500 Series Rack Format
  • All solid-state design, using chip sets from THAT Corp and Burr-Brown
  • Soft-start, slow ramp-on +48V phantom power
  • Electronically balanced input and output stages
  • with Optional Input and Output Transformer options
  • optional Jensen Input Transformer
  • optional Custom reproduction output transformer
  • Improved design, improved performance, design refinements.
  • DC Servo, Dual Buffered design
  • Using uMetal shielded Input Transformer for excellent magnetic shielding
  • 6dB gain steps in the lower range, and 4db gain steps in the upper range for more precise control
  • Bourns, conductive plastic potentiometer for Trim level
  • 12-step Grayhill gain selector switch
  • Input RFI protection
  • Input clamping protection
  • Output surge protection circuit
  • Output RFI protection
  • Gold fingers
  • 5-LED VU Meters
  • Relay-controlled Polarity Reverse
  • Relay-controlled -20dB Pad
  • High quality 1% Metal Film resistors, and high-quality ceramic and electrolytic capacitors

* The SC-501 Mic Preamp requires an API 500 Series Rack or compatible rack.

FiveFish Audio and the SC-501 Mic Preamp is part of the API VPR Alliance.

The VPR Alliance is a program of standardization and consistency guidelines set by API Audio for manufacturers, to make our products physically fit and electronically conform to API's 500 series rack specifications. As stated on API's website, "Customers benefit from the VPR Alliance through the elimination of any confusion as to which products are endorsed for placement in API racks. Customers also benefit from a wider range of module choices for their racks, safety in the knowledge that the specification of the third party unit is correct, and that there is no risk of damage occurring. "


** Note: The SC-501is the 2011 re-issue of our SC-1mk500 Mic Preamp for the API lunchbox 500 series format. The new SC-501 adds a PAD switch, and follows the same front panel layout as the rest of the FiveFish line of preamps. A new addition to the SC-501 is the use of Jensen Input Transformers and an Output Transformer and the fact that the SC-501 is API VPR Certified. Signal path-wise, it's almost identical to the previous SC-1mk500 except for the different input and output transformer options and 48V phantom power protection scheme.

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$65 - Jensen Input Transformer

$35 - Custom Output Transformer

$10 - Set of Black Knobs

$50 - Custom Color Panel
Email us with your color preference.

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