MX5-mk500 Mic Preamp

The FiveFish Audio MX5 Mic Preamp is a single-channel Mic Preamplifier, designed for the popular API VPR500 Rack format.

They say the sound is "in the iron." Well, there's plenty of "iron" in this preamp!

The MX5 Mic Preamp features the same UK-made Carnhill Input Transformer to deliver big, punchy sound. A custom USA-made Output Transformer takes care of balancing the beefy outputs, and also adding it's own sonic signature.

Gain control is provided by a high-quality Mil-spec Grayhill 12-stepped rotary switch, and a separate Output Trim knob gives you fine control over this preamp. Lighted push-button switches gives a visual indicator of the status of your preamp even from far away. It also features 48V soft-start phantom power, that applies 48Volts gradually to avoid any loud popping sound when you turn on Phantom Power. There are also -20db Pad and Polarity Reverse function, provided by a switched Relay.

An ultra-low distortion, low noise, operational amplifier optimized for high performance audio is used in the circuitry. But you can also outfit the MX5 Mic Preamp with optional Discrete Op Amps* (DOA) 2520/990 type, and DOA sockets*.

* Available separately, extra charges may apply.
The MX5 sound is BIG, PUNCHY, and HUGE.  It adds a deep, nice, WARM coloration to the sound. The low frequencies come out punchy and TIGHT, the high frequencies smooth and not harsh.

The MX5 is priced very attractively to fit the budget of every home, project or recording studio while still delivering high sonic performance and features!


FiveFish Audio and the MX5-mk500 Mic Preamp is part of the API VPR Alliance.

The VPR Alliance is a program of standardization and consistency guidelines set by API Audio for manufacturers, to make our products physically fit and electronically conform to API's 500 series rack specifications.  As stated on API's website, "Customers benefit from the VPR Alliance through the elimination of any confusion as to which products are endorsed for placement in API racks. Customers also benefit from a wider range of module choices for their racks, safety in the knowledge that the specification of the third party unit is correct, and that there is no risk of damage occurring. "



  • API VPR Alliance approved, 500 Series Rack Format*
  • Using UK-made Carnhill Input Transformer
  • Custom Output Transformer
  • 12-step Gain from 22dB to 68dB, at 4dB/step
  • Output trim control
  • LED-lighted push buttons for 48V phantom, pads, and polarity reverse switches
  • Relay Controlled Polarity Reverse
  • Relay Controlled -20dB Pad
  • Soft-start/Ramp-up 48V Phantom Power
  • 5-LED VU Meter
  • Using high-performance chips, and quality components
  • Option to use Discrete OpAmps with the 990/2520 format


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MX5-mk500 Mic Preamp

Email us for availability

Email us for availability


$15 - Set of Mill Max sockets installed

If you plan on using or installing Discrete OpAmps (DOA) with this preamp, I recommend Mill Max sockets installed for easy swapping of OpAmps.

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